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Do you have a family history of diabetes or a sweet tooth causing you anxiety?

According to ayurvedic philosophy, every disease has different stages.

Poorvaroopa or the premonitory signs and symptoms —is the stage signalling the approach of fully manifested disease.

You can take this quiz to see whether your biochemistry is veering towards diabetes. If you have most of the signs and symptoms mentioned below it will be a good idea to change your diet and increase exercise.

1. Emanation of foul smell from the body
2. Sweating
3. Flabbiness of the body
4. Liking for constantly lying on the bed, sitting, sleeping and leading an easy life
5. Feeling as if the cardiac region is covered with extraneous material
6. Exudation of excreta from eyes, tongue and ears
7. Corpulence of the body
8. Excessive growth of hair and nails
9. Liking for cold things
10. Dryness of the throat and palate
11. Sweet taste in the mouth
12. Burning sensation in hands and legs
13. Swarming of ants on the urine

If any of the above were not present before but you have noticed them recently or else there has been an increase in the quantity, then its your body warning you that you might get diabetes sometime in the future.


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