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Successful treatment of Bartholin’s cyst By Ayurvedic medicine.

Bartholin’s cyst can be a cause of more emotional trauma than actual discomfort although physical pain is also present in many cases. The visit to a surgeon to get the cyst ruptured or cut and stitched seems an unworthwhile effort but the fear of recurring cyst or it developing into something more serious keeps many women on their nerves end wishing for a simple cure for this complicated issue.

The usual line of treatment followed by modern medicine is this –

  • If the cyst is small and presents no symptoms the doctor may recommend no treatment – the patient will be asked to report any growth in the size of the cyst. Any lump in the vulval area should be reported, especially if the patient has started the menopause.
  • If a small cyst causes discomfort, OTC painkillers, warm baths and/or warm compresses against the affected area may help relieve symptoms. A warm bath may also help the cyst to burst.
  • If an abscess develops, the patient will be prescribed an antibiotic.
  • The doctor may perform a minor procedure at his/her practice; a catheter is inserted into the cyst and inflated to fix it there. The catheter remains there for 2 to 4 weeks while the fluid is drained and a normal opening is formed.
  • Marsupialization involves cutting the cyst open and draining the fluid out. The edges of the skin are stitched together while still holding a channel open for the secretions to come through.
  • Carbon dioxide laser can create an opening so that the cyst is drained.
  • A needle can be used to drain the cyst (needle aspiration). Sometimes after draining the cyst, the cavity is filled with a 70% alcohol liquid solution for a few minutes before that is drained out.
  • If the woman has many recurring cysts and does not respond well to any therapies, the doctor may recommend removing the Bartholin’s gland (gland excision).

Last week, I saw a young woman suffering the same indecision. She has had a cyst for a while and her GP tried to get rid of it by the way of antibiotics which didn’t have the desired effect.

The cyst was very much there and although not causing much physical discomfort, it was a cause of much mental strain to this young woman who wanted to avoid undergoing any procedure, major or minor. I assessed her condition and advised her to take ayurvedic medicine, Kanchnaar Guggul for 10 days. The cyst seemed to grow a bit for the first four days but then on the sixth day, we had a much-desired effect. The cyst burst, draining itself of all the mucous, blood and pus thus eliminating any need to see a surgeon. Now this young woman has to take care of her diet for a while and she need not worry about the cyst anymore.

It demonstrates once again what a blessing Ayurveda is for women.

The herbs mentioned in this post are to be used under supervision of an ayurvedic practitioner only.


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