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According to Ayurveda, the disturbance of equilibrium of dhatus ( different body tissues) is the cause for disease. When this equilibrium is maintained in a healthy individual or restored in a diseased person, a state of health is reached.

Acharya Charak mentions this test to ascertain this health state. ( Charak/vimana/chap 8/slok 89)

You can answer this questionnaire to assess how healthy you are.

1. There is no pain anywhere in the body
2. Appearance of normal voice and complexion
3. Nourishment of the body
4. Increase in strength
5. Desire for taking food
6. Appetite for food during mealtime
7. Proper digestion of food taken during mealtime
8. Getting sleep at the appropriate time
9. Absence of dreams indicating morbidity
10. Happy awakening
11. Proper elimination of wind, urine, stool and semen
12. Unimpairement of mind, intellect and senses.


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