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Head massages have been an inherent part of normal Indian life. As a child, I remember receiving an oily head massage every weekend. It not only helped in having healthy hair and scalp but also nurtured a very special bond between the women in the family as they shared this beautiful therapy.

The grandmother always knew which oil to use. Mustard oil in winters; coconut oil in summers; amla oil for healthy, shiny, black hair and almond oil for improving memory.

Ayurveda recognises head i.e. shira as the root of this upside down human body tree. When you nurture the roots you nurture the whole tree. Head is also the seating place of one of the most important organs in the body- the brain.

Head massage stimulates the circulation and neural perception all over the head inducing a very relaxed zen-like state.

The clients who have experienced it once can’t resist having it again and again.

This inspired me to hold this workshop to share from the infinite well of Ayurveda; the wisdom to use this therapy safely and effectively for you and your loved ones.

The aim is to provide insight into the theory behind it as well have lots of hands on experience which gives the participants confidence to do it on themselves and others.

So join me for some fun based learning!

Venue- Essence Ayurveda

559, Plenty Road, Preston, Victoria,3072

Date & Time- 10th January, 2015 ; 10 am to 3pm

Investment- $180 ; book before 31st December,2014 to get $30 off.

Includes- 100 ml ayurvedic oil and an ayurvedic lunch. ( Tea, Snacks and notes also provided)


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