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Having a nauseous feeling during the pregnancy can mask the joy of motherhood but fortunately we have some simple and safe ways of dealing with it.

1. Keep those cookies nearby on your bedside table. When you get up in the morning take two biscuits before getting out of bed. This helps to initiate a peristaltic wave and helps in preventing vomiting.
2. Drink small quantities of liquids – water , juice, coconut water frequently to avoid dehydrating yourself.
3. Don’t stop taking those meals. Though you know you might throw it all up but keep feeding yourself small serves. Something is much better than nothing.

If these small steps don’t go big way in helping you deal with morning sickness then it’s time to go for the herbs.

  • Roast some coriander seeds on hot plate and powder them. Take a pinch of this powder with honey whenever you feel nausea . You can take it up to six times in a day.
  • You can take roasted big cardamom seed powder.
  • Help yourself to some ginger tea.
  • Put some lemon juice and salt on a ginger slice and suck on it.

Hope these tips prove useful to you. Wishing you a happy motherhood!!!


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